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Fjord Fuzz

Handmade in Bergen, Norway; Fjord Fuzz's speaker-shredding stompboxes are designed for experimental guitarists who crave the most extreme of tones.

Built "by real musicians for real musicians" — in their own words — Fjord Fuzz aims to inspire players with its effects that, frankly, have to be heard to be believed!

The current Fjord Fuzz lineup predominantly consists of (you guessed it!) fuzz pedals, however the LOKE takes its inspiration from old reel-toreel tape decks and can produce authentic tape flange sweeps, the way The Beatles would in the studio, or you can kick it into long delay mode and bend chords into the next. Simply put; all of Fjord Fuzz's products are far from normal — and we mean that in the nicest way possible!

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