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One Control BJF-S66 Amp

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Think of this as the best sounding American amp you have ever played. At any volume. And you can keep it in your gig bag.
It sounds ridiculous but please, come by us and play it. 

It will most likely look like pic nr 2

Dont't forget to order the footswitch if you need it, it comes without footswitch


Rhythm Channel has Gain and Master and Reverb Level and Reverb Decay
Lead channel has Gain and Master and Reverb Level and Reverb Decay
Tremolo has depth and speed controls and is switchable via footswitch and can be assigned to either channel or both or manually switched
Output 66W into 8Ohms, 100W into 4Ohms
Loop send and return ( switchable with footswitch and footswitch can be remember which channel or both it is assigned to)
EQ common to both channels
Bass 70Hz +-20dB
Mid 450Hz +- 10dB
Treble 2KHz +-20dB
Bright switch +10dB at 4KHz bright switch is tuned to avoid tinnitus inducing treble
Channels are switchable via footswitch, each channel has dedicated reverb controls for level and decay
The footswitch draws power from the amplifier and contains a memory
Power requirements Switchmode supply playable anywhere in the world as long as wall voltage is higher than 40 Volts
One input Inputimpedance 1MOhm

Preamp is discrete solid state all analog
The preamp has stages that mimics what happens in a tube amplifier preamp tubes and stage that mimics what happen in the poweramp
Functions in real tube amps stood model for this-this takes into account small distortions that that are hardly interpereted as distortion by the human ear and onset of distortion is set gradually increasing in the same way as similar amp with tubes would
The amplifiers that stood model for this amp are mid 60’s highpowered tube amps
This allows playing feel to be set comfortably at any volume and distortion to be set at any volume
Tremolo is placed after reverb to allow tremolo to modulate reverb tail. The tremolo modulation has been designed to be close to perfect sine
for an even ,hypnotic effect. This means that if the sound of this amp is mostly inspired by black amplifiers of the 60’s the tremolo sound is more similar to brown amplifiers of the 50’s
This amplifier was specifically designed to work with Eminence Allessadro Speaker, because this speaker provides ”Twang”* and as speakers are half the sound and this to give it the correct vintage eq and partly playing feel, That said the S66 amplifier can work with most speakers though the exact intended vintage feel will not be there
Note that output power is about 66W’s into 8 Ohms and 100W’s into 4 Ohms and a mere 30W’s into 16 Ohms
so output behaves like a solid state power amp- Never short circuit output or damage will occour but you can leav output disconnected and just use the preamp via loop send
On tube amps: Never leave output open
Poweramp is Class D and is highly efficient use of applied power
Reverb is digital

Compare Premier Magazine article A Mad Professor Speaks on Speakers

The BJF S66 amp is an entry in wether transistors can be made to sound like tubes.
The BJF S66 draws functions from an array of amplifier of the mid 60’s isolating functions that have been desirable that have including sound arrived at after aging components and much more as it also draws influences from sounds produced only at certain power levels.
This amp is therefore also an entry in the debate wether great sounds only can be obtained at very loud levels
again I profess to say that if the desired functions can be defined then the feel can be replicated but to be really true speakerdome must beable to move however that would make it possible to get playing feel alledgely only obtainable at 100W’s at 1W

Though this amp is made to do vintage sounds it has many modern features to make life easier for musicians.
The range of controls have been defined to both be familiar to musicians but also intuitive to musicians

* twang as a sound quality is a certain protruding upper midrange

That’s off the top of my head what I can think of
- Björn Juhl

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