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Fjord Fuzz LOKE Virtual Tape Deck

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LOKE is my most ambitious project yet.

It features full wet and dry controls for two almost identical signals, both of which can go into overdrive, one of which can be delayed. The secondary foot switch let’s you switch the delay range from 0-100mS to 0-400mS.

OK so what’s the purpose of all of this? Well, LOKE operates in the same way as old reel-toreel tape decks would, so you have access to all of its effects in a simple little package. Time can be controlled statically, using the onboard time knob, or via expression pedal. Finally you can leave the time parameter up to the random algorithm, which mimics the reelto-reel machine’s motor dragging and pushing off-balance.

This yields so many exciting possibilities. You can use the expression pedal in static mode to generate really authentic tape flange sweeps, the way The Beatles would in the studio, or you can kick it into long delay mode and bend chords into the next. Turn up the motor drag randomiser and you can now do random flanger, random chorus and random vibrato, all of which have independent level for each signal, both of which can drive the input of your amplifier.

Or what about just simple old Artificial Double Tracking? Well, you have that, and you can also modulate the delayed signal and overdrive both of them. The preamp sounds amazing when pushing a proper tube amp, so you can also make it do the parallel drive, faux stereo effect and make your fuzz boxes really stand out from the mix.

There’s so much more. Endless creative potential.

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