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  • BAE
    The BAE Hot Fuzz pedal is essentially two pedals in one. The left side is a high frequency boost and the right side is an English 1970's style fuzz box. The Hot F...
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  • Beetronics FX
      The Overhive is an extremely versatile medium gain overdrive. Its round and warm tone respects your amp, enhancing its best qualities while dynamically reactin...
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  • Beetronics FX
      The OctaHive is super high gain fuzz with a well pronounced high pitch octave. The octave can be turned off by the toggle switch, turning it into a warmer and ...
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  • Suhr
    The Suhr Classic T Pro evokes the electric guitar that started it all. Digitized from an original '52 slab body, it combines legendary design with modern improvem...
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  • En gitarr från en av världens mest respekterade byggare som tidigare jobbat på Fender Custom shop.
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  • Beetronics FX
      The WhoctaHell is a Low Octave Fuzz, with fully independent controls for the fuzz and the octave. It’s a overdrive/fuzz summed up with a gnarly squared wave lo...
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  • Truetone (former Visual Sound)
    The 1 SPOT mA Meter (that’s “milliamp meter” for all you non-engineers), is a simple device for measuring the power consumption of your guitar pedals. You’re pro...
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  • TC Electronic
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  • Laney Amps
    Limiterad till 50 stycken worldwide, enda exet i Sverige!
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