Plexi Tuesday 12th of march at 17.00 - tgt11

Welcome to Plexi Tuesday 12th of march at 17.00!! Ekblad will show his new creation with the assistance of us and Bjorn Juhl!

These Go To 11 is proud to introduce a shining new star from the swedish manufacturer community - Ekblad Electric Amplification.

On the 12th of March Ekblad himself and the team at TGT are proud to introduce his new amplifier the Atomic Punk - a plexi flavoured tone machine capable of that vintage crunch at any volume.



Atomic Punk is a hand wired all valve amplifier made here in Sweden and is a collaboration between Ekblad Electric Amplification and the legendary sound genius Björn Juhl. 

The idea behind the amp is to achieve that elusive late 60s brittish sound, but in a more convenient package and at any volume. Like the amps of old this design features two channels that can be blended together before the EQ section of the amp - no need to run a patch cable from one channel here though. The channels are blended internally for an easy plug and play experience.

Unlike its sources of inspiration this amp features a very useable master volume letting you dial in that classic crunch at any volume.

No compromisses and a lot effort results in a very dynamic amplifier were simplicity and sound quality speaks for itself. The Atomic Punk amplifier is hand built and hand wired in Sweden using only high quality selected components and custom wound transformers.

The Atomic Punk is offered as a combo or as head in a 20W(6V6) or 40W(EL34) version with a solid state rectifier and fixed biasing.


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