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11 overdrives where you can't wrong

A great overdrive is an investment for any player no matter the musical style. Here we will help to guide you to 11 of our favorites where you can't go wrong. And they will of course take you to 11.

In no particular order these are our choices:

1.Royal Blue Overdrive The top selling OD. One of the ultimate do it all overdrives and one of our all time favourites! From transparent boost with slight dirt to sweet singing drives and everything in between with incredible dynamics and transparency all through.

2. RYRA Fancy some Klon flavour?That elusive K-style drive in pedalboard friendly and not a bank busting format! Perfect for slight boost or adding a amp like and organic slight drive that lifts your tone to the next level.

3. The Duellist The ultimate dual channel overdrive? We think so! Combining the classic TS and Bluesbreaker styled circuits popularised by professionals for years with high flexibility and dynamics this overdrive will put that golden sound to any rig.

4. Nobels. The Nashville classic. Unlike your other favourite green overdrive pedal this pedal offers a sweet and rich bottom end - making it perfect to tame that brittle bridge pickup for those Nashville flavoured twangy moments. All at a price that’s pretty hard to beat we think!

5. Revivaldrive. Amp in a box? Impossible you say? Origin Revival Drive will make you say different offering true amp like topology and first and foremost sound. Looking for that ultimate edge of breakup sound? Look no further.

6 POGO Zen Ray. The new guy on the block. Pogo Pedals may be newcomers on the pedal scene but they sure know how to make an opening. The Zen Ray offers a mixed features from some famous overdrive pedals taking you from true amp like drive to thick mid focused drive worthy of those elusive D-style sounds. A pedal ready to rule any pedalboard!

7. Herculean. A modern reinvention of the Bluesbreaker pedal with added control of the EQ section. A perfect choice to fatten up your current sound or use as an always on pedal with its great clean up and playing dynamics.

8. Pantheon. A do it all transparent overdrive. Bluesbreaker expanded! Brian Wamplers take on the classic, do it all, transparent overdrive circuit. With detailed control over the EQ and gain complexity this pedal will act as an extension to any amp.

9. OC Silver Bee. Cousin of the original BJF Bee. The Silvery cousin of the original BJF Bee! A clear favourite for those edge of breakup sounds we all like from our cranked vintage amps but with added high end definition without getting sharp or shrill. The perfect rock’n’roll pedal.

10.  Gladio. Dual channeled D-style Preamp tone monster! Just give your existing tone a sweet EQ and bump in compression or go all out into that Revelation tone and beyond. A favourite for all the best reasons.

11. Jan Ray. A modern legend in the overdrive world, and for good reasons. Transparent, organic, dynamic and luxurious this pedal offers true amp like overdrive that doesn’t overly colour your tone but lifting all the best of your tone and playing. Pairs with fuzzes like no other - there is a reason Doyle Bramhall II and so many others favours this pedal. 

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