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LSL Instruments

LSL Guitars have been turning heads with their stunning handmade guitars since their foundation in 2008. They are a boutique guitar maker based in Los Angeles, California. Although their catalogue now boasts five base models, they are particularly well-known for their T-style guitars.

The story goes that Lance S. Lerman wanted a ‘52 blackguard. Couldn’t afford one. So made his own. Luckily enough, he is a skilled woodworker with 30 years of professional experience! The quality of the guitar he ended up making surprised even him and from then on he started making guitars full time.

A unique selling point of LSL Guitars is they make everything in-house; even down to the smallest part. This includes the body, neck, pickguards, pickups, bridges, truss-rods, neck plates, Tele-saddles with their own custom-made springs and screws. They even cast their own fingerboard dots! This kind of attention to detail shines through in every note you play on an LSL guitar: they are incredibly dynamic and responsive.

What Makes LSL Guitars Different?
Stunning quality
Handmade in LA
All parts made in-house

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