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Blue Colander Stompboxes

I'm Juliusz and I make Blue Colander stompboxes in Poznań, Poland. I've had obsession for fuzz pedals for a pretty long time now and it's been quite a few years since I started studying and building this stuff for my own use (well, the purpose was always to have the heaviest tone around, lol), then friends, then some online friends etc. My first serial models (FFAS and Prophet) came along in 2017 and BCS happened to be a full-time business early 2019. Couldn't be happier than seeing my work appreciated enough to sustain it as a job - the best one to have, period. This couldn't be possible without your support, trust and encourage to keep improving. Thank you!

Each unit I make is hand-made to last and bring joy, with heavy duty mechanical parts and high quality audio components, carefully tuned to fulfil best tone requirements. I shit you not, I do it right.

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