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Benson Amps

Mass produced amplifiers can get you part of the way, but a hand built heirloom quality amplifier can give you a signature tone that’s all your own. We focus on creating original circuits that take advantage of 70 years of tradition, using components carefully selected for quality and tone. A particular focus is clean tones that sound euphonic and rich, that effortlessly transition into harmonics by varying pick or finger attack. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the last amplifier you will ever want to buy.

Benson Amps grew primarily out of Christopher Benson’s fascination with sound. As a producing guitarist himself, most of the designs stem directly from chasing his own dragons. Imagine for a moment, as a guitarist, being able to create the perfect instrument with zero compromises whatsoever for your own music. That is the core of what we do.

Benson Amps are put together by the nicest team of craftsmen/musicians you are likely to meet in Portland OR.

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