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Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Custom Heavy 15-58

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Signatures är Stringjoys version på den moderna hexagoniskt formade strängkärnan fast med ytterligare fokus på balansen i strängseten med lite tjockare spunna strängar. Resultatet är ett otroligt välspelande och lättspelat set med en rikt register både i diskant och basregistret och en klar och tydlig ton. Perfekt för den som är van med en "vanlig" nickelspunnen sträng men som letar efter något som lyfter tonen och spelkänslan till det där lilla extra.

Equally powerful and smooth, this custom set pack one heck of a punch, both in terms of the thickness of the strings, and the sound that comes from your amp. After playing these for a bit, you’ll have stronger tone—and you’ll also have stronger hands…

Gauges: .015 – .017 – .026w – .034 – .044 – .058

Stringjoy is a boutique guitar string company located in Music City—Nashville, TN. We’re dedicated to making the highest quality guitar and bass strings, providing the best customer service in the industry, and giving our players more gauge and customization options than anyone else out there. We proudly make all of our strings in the USA.

the full Stringjoy story

Hey, I’m Scott. I'm the founder/owner/president of Stringjoy—which with a company this size means about 50% of the time I'm the CEO and 50% of the time I'm the Janitor.

When I started playing guitar, you had a few options. Did you want to play a Strat, Tele or Les Paul? A Marshall amp, or a Fender? Boss, DOD or Ibanez pedals? Ernie Ball or D’Addario strings? Sure, some players were playing different stuff, but the vast majority of guitarists were playing the same few pieces of gear.

Then something happened. Small pedal makers, luthiers, and amp companies started popping up, changing the rules, and challenging the status quo. They made better gear. Gear that got even closer to that sound in your head — your tone.

As a player myself, I went bananas. I got into tweaking every aspect of my rig — pedals, tubes, pickups — all in search of a better tone, my tone.

But one day, like a lightbulb, it dawned on me. I had spent years dialing in every aspect of my rig — and I had never even considered my strings.

I won’t say what brand I used to play, but I will tell you that I used to change them every week because they’d lose their tone after three days. And the more I thought about it, they just didn’t feel right either. I didn’t know why, but I knew they could be better. So I set off to make a better set of guitar strings.

I went full geek, tearing into every piece of information I could find about strings — metal composition, winding techniques, tension measurements — and all along the way I noted things that could be done better (hint: everything could be better).

Well now, years of blood sweat and tears later — and with plenty of help, guidance, and inspiration from some amazing people who’ve been doing this since before I was born — we’ve made that dream of making better sounding, playing, and feeling guitar strings into a reality.

We make guitar strings right in the heart of Nashville, TN — winding, testing, coiling, packaging, the works. It takes us longer to make our strings, and it costs more — a lot more. But we didn't get into this to make OK strings. We got into this to make the best strings. That pursuit of excellence drives and inspires us, and we refuse to compromise on it.

When we started, I thought we might get a thousand loyal players to play our strings, and we’d be all set. Well, we got that thousand, and they told another thousand, and it kept going from there. Half the time, I’ve felt like I’m just trying to keep up with all of it.

So yes, technically Stringjoy is my company. But it doesn’t really feel like it. It’s our company, and its sole purpose is to make your guitar sound and play a little better — or at least, a little more like you.


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