Stringjoy Brights | Custom 6 String 80/20 Bronze - tgt11 - tgt11

Stringjoy Brights | Custom 6 String 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar

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From the manufacturer: 

You don’t play guitar the same way as everyone else, so why should you have to play the same strings as everyone else? Well, thanks to our Custom string gauge option, you no longer have to.

You can build a set tat’s totally unique to you and your sound. Want a .007 for your first string? We’ve got your back. Want to build a set so warm you could fry an egg on your pickgaurd? We can do that too. (Though we don’t recommend trying that. It got a little messy last time…)

So whatever kind of set you’re looking for, we can make it. And the best part is, it doesn’t cost any more than a regular set of our strings.

Need some help finding the right set up? Check out our String Tension Calculator, or let us design a set for you.

All gauges lighter than .018 are plain steel, all heavier than .026 are wound. On gauges where we overlap, “p” signifies plain steel, “w” signifies a wound string.

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