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Mad Professor PORTER 112 cabinet black

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No on wants a heavy guitar cabinet. It is an essential part to crafting your sound and making sure you are heard live so have a good cab is a must but why have it heavier than it needs to be. Mad Professor have spent months trying to get the best sounding cab at the lowest weight possible and they have achieved that with the Porter 112.

Neodymium Speaker

Most of you will know about Ceramic and Alnico speakers but not all of you will have heard of Neodymium. This magnet type is known for being super lightweight while being able to handle a lot of power which made it perfect for PA speakers and Bass amplifiers. Now companies like Jensen have worked out how to get the best out of Neo when it comes to guitar amps and developed speakers like this Neo Tornado 12".

100w Of Power!

One of the reasons people go for big and heavy cabs is that they use a high powered amplifier that needs 2 or even 4 speakers to work properly. But with 100w of power in this little cab you can easily take your all valve tour ready amps and run it straight through this cab without fear of damaging the speaker or your back.

Tight Low End with Plenty Of Mids

That is how I would describe the sound coming out of this cabinet. Normally 1x12" cabs lacks any real low end punch and often lose a lot of the midrange from your amp. Thanks to that Neo magnet however this speaker really has the ability to punch out loads of low end and the unique bracing inside the cabinet helps push the midrange out for a sound that can sit anywhere in the mix.

Here's what Mad Professor say about the Porter 112 Cabinet

Speaker cabinet must be the most overlooked part of the electric guitar setup.It is also one of the most important as that is what produces the sound you hear.

Mad Professor Amplification presents the Porter 112, a small ported cabinet with a huge voice. This new innovative super light cabinet pushes 100W of power and weights only 25 pounds.

Made with thinner plywood than normally is used in the guitar cabinets, but with similar stiffening construction that is used in the aviation industry. This sturdy little cabinet is carefully calculated and ported for the Jensen Tornado 100W Neodymium-speaker.

Treble and Presence frequencies are in perfect balance with the bass frequencies like they are in a big cabinets from the 60's that everybody loves. The natural compression of the speaker is being enabled so the design generates musical compression similar to the open back designs. Best of both worlds!

And there is more: The bracing walls spread the mid frequencies more than a traditional cabinet would, while holding the low frequencies tight without boominess. Sound engineer will be happy as the miking is so easy.

Finish your signal chain with a cabinet it deserves. Tones, not tons.


  • Dimensions (W*D*H): 480 x 307 x 410 mm / 18 57/64" x 12 3/32" x 16 9/64
  • Weight: 11 kg / 25 lb
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