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Echo Fix EF-X3 Tape Echo Tolex Retro Silver

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The EF-X3 With Tolex Enclosure Chorus Echo is the latest offering in Echo Fix’s line of tape delays. Built in Australia, to the highest quality, the EF-X3 includes many of our most requested features and builds on the momentum and trust gained after 3 years of making the EF-X2.

100% Analog
Now with an Analog BBD Chorus & Analog Spring Reverb, the EF-X3 boasts a 100% analog signal path.

Individual Playback Head Outputs for stereo effect from mono source
Individual outputs for each playback head offer flexibility never seen before in a tape echo, with the ability to achieve a classic Stereo Ping-Pong delay effect from a mono source by panning each playback head externally via a mixer or DAW.

Unmatched Reliability
On top of this, we’ve implemented a new auto tape stop circuit to extend tape life.

Same Team, Same Peace of Mind
For nearly 15 years, we’ve been keeping tape echos alive. Now that we make our own, our standards are higher than ever. Rest assured that your machine will be the most capable, reliable tape echo on the market, supported by a team with some of the best customer service in the industry.

It’s Alive
If you’ve been in a room with one of our units, you’ll know what we mean by this. Used as an effect, they simply make everything sound better. But turn up the echo volume, dial in some feedback and watch as our unit self-oscillates into life and becomes an instrument more than an effect. The EF-X3 will change the way you make music.

Key Features

  • Direct playback head outputs allowing for external panning for stereo ping pong delays from a mono source
  • Analog BBD Chorus with rate and depth controls
  • Analog Spring Reverb
  • Independent SOS switching for longer delay time (1.2 seconds)
  • Direct WET output at rear for Reverb/Chorus
  • Balanced Input and Output at rear
  • Auto tape stop when no audio signal present to extend tape and motor life (There is a switch at the rear to disable this feature).
  • CV Control for Motor Speed and Feedback level (0-5v) via compatible Expression Pedals
  • Bass and Treble Controls (Echo Signal)
  • Vintage Guitar/Line FET Preamp (Front Panel)
  • High/Low Output level switch (Front Panel Output)
  • Four echo playback heads (including SOS head)
  • Motor ON/OFF Switch for tape slow down effect
  • Mute the reverb, echo and chorus signal via remote foot switches
  • Comes with a worldwide-compatible, 100 - 240v power supply (no step-down or other transformers required)
  • 2 Years Warranty for all pre-sale purchases with peace of mind that this is made by a company that has been operating for nearly 15 years specialising in tape echo repair and spare parts
  • Removable Tinted Acrylic Lid
  • High quality scratch resistant front panel
  • 2 Tape loops supplied with each unit
  • Two front Panel colour options - Silver or Black
  • Wood Sides


Head Mode Settings

Mode 1 - Head 1

Mode 2 - Head 2

Mode 3 - Head 3

Mode 4 - Head 1 + 2

Mode 5 - Head 2 + 3

Mode 6 - Head 1 + 3

Mode 7 - Head 1 + 2 + 3

Sound On Sound is another head that can be switched on over the top of all the head mode settings or you can use the SOS head independently.

Tape Speed - 4 IPS to 15 IPS

Weight: 12Kgs

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