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Drybell The Engine Dual Preamp

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The Engine is a highly versatile and fully analog foundation preamp pedal with distinct voicing inspired by 60's British classic amps and sounds. It covers all the classic overdriven tones on a variety of amps and can be pushed even more with our take on the classic Range(master) and a powerful EQ/Boost section. It consists of two fully Analog sections.

Side A is very carefully tuned to capture the sound, feel and dynamic response of a real 60's British non-master-volume amp. You can easily get that cranked Tube-like distortion sound but without the need to play at ear-shattering levels.

Side B's most powerful feature Range is our take on the Treble Booster from the 60's. Besides that, the high headroom and distortion-free Clean Boost and versatile Low & High EQ help even further in tailoring your tone. Stacking these A&B sections (A>B or B>A) with the Order switch can yield numerous combinations of incredibly rich sounds.

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