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RMS Shavano slide

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This model was designed for those sliders out there that wanted "a little tighter fit". The Shavano has a more traditional feel and for players with "normal/average" size fingers or are playing with your pinky to the palm, and want a tighter fit...this is the model for you!!

Tonally, the Shavano is between the Blues Boy and the Salidan.

These guitar slides all have Inner Diameters of 18-20mm (approx. 3/4").*

Just write in the order what colour you'd prefer and we'll check if we can accommodate your needs. (Blue/Red/Green/Black/White glazes)

Q: How are our slides different?

A: First they are made from "Solid Block" clay. This type of clay is denser than the average "Ceramic" slides out there in the market today. The denser the material used, the greater the tonal properties of that slide (volume, sustain and presence). That clay, matched with the specific special custom glazes that we make right here in the shop, creates slide and tone bar possibilities far beyond what was available before. Each slide is Hand worked and Hand Glazed, in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Q: Aren?t all "Ceramic" Slides the same?

A: Absolutely NOT!! The majority of so-called "Ceramic"slides are made from liquid clay called "Slip" and are poured into molds. This molding system does give you the ability to make thousands of slides at a time, all alike? but much depends on the type of slip used. For the most part, those "MUD or Moon" slides are made from a high fire porcelain slip. This material is great for coffee mugs, but if you?ve ever played with one you?ll find out like I did, that it isn?t good for guitar slides. In order to give the slides any kind of volume of presence, they had to increase the size, or mass, of the slide. This created another problem?the slides became clumsy and bulky, and had a tendency to "Bottoming Out" or what I call "Fret Clacking". And you ended up with a real rhino on your finger, again?a problem! Because our slides are based on the theory of Density of material rather than Mass (size) you end up with a much lighter and maneuverable slide, and no bottoming out on the neck.

Q: Why are they called "Hybrid" slides?

A: Although made from Ceramic Composite, these slides offer tones other than what you would expect from a ceramic slide. In addition to the "warm back tones" inherent in the clay, these slides also give you tonal aspects of glass, brass and various metals. Each slide model is "Hand Tuned" to specific calibrations, to consistently perform within a predictable "Tonal Registry". What this does, in effect, is provide tones specific to that model of slide. This way, each slide model brings something special to the slide player.

Q: I?ve heard that there are tonal differences with the glazes?

Yes, that?s true. Although very minor adjustments, there is a perceivable difference between them. This was not intentional, but came to us after the fact when several of our customers came back with reports of these tonal differences. From brightest to warmest in the glazes it?s?Bayou Blue, Mojo Green, Hellhound Red and Voodoo Black. The nice thing about this is after you have found the right model and length for the style and rig you?re going to be using, you can "tweak" the tone a little more by the glaze that you ask for.

Q: I got a slide and it had an imperfection in it?

A: This can happen, but in 99.98% of the time, the minor imperfection (small dimple, end graining or some minor glaze issue) will in no way interfere with the performance of your slide or tone bar. Each slide is tested, to make sure no anomaly present on the slide will interfere with your tonal desires! Because these are all hand crafted from "Solid Clay" and not poured into molds as we have talked about previously, there will be anomalies. See it as a "trade off" and greater volume, tonal pallet and sustain and can be played on any guitar without alteration; in exchange for occasional glaze anomalies, that won't impede the playability of the slide or tone bar?

Q: I see that there is a variance in the inner diameter of the slides, why is that?

A: For the most part, it is a matter of GLAZE. The higher fired glazes (Blue, Green and soon, White) will be smaller than their low fired counterparts (Red and Black). So if you find a slide model that you like but want it to be either a little larger or smaller, you can keep this in mind for a more Custom fit.
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