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Suhr Koko Boost

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The Suhr Koko Boost is the ultimate boost pedal in that not only does it provide an extremely transparent clean boost that does not color the guitar's tone whatsoever, but also a selectable midrange boost that works in conjunction with the clean boost to provide you with maximum versatility.

Whether you need a little clean boost of your clean sound (up to 20 decibels) or a midrange boost dialed in to overdrive your tube amp for solos that cut through the mix, the Koko Boost is a musical tool that will enhance the sound and functionality of your entire rig with minimum fuss: just plug it in between your guitar and quality tube amp and you are ready to rock.


"Hey John, this pedal is the s&%t! Build quality is amazing. Spent the day with it and someone would have to kill me for me to give it back. No one is making any pedal near the quality of this...this is NASA grade stuff, man. I found the toggle in the left position to be my sweet spot."

- Steve Stevens

"Suhr has entered the pedal world with a bang! The Koko boost really provides a clean, transparent boost on one side with a killer mid bump added to the equation on the other! I love the way I can get certain parts to cut through a super dense mix with this little guy, not to mention how great it sounds. The Shiba Drive provides that perfect warm overdrive, with zero annoying fizz or harshness, and combined with the the Koko sounds absolutely fantastic! Take that clean one channel amp amp and get that silky lead tone to throaty drives. The versatility in Suhr's new pedals are amazing!"

- Andy Wood

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