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Fralin Vintage Pickups Set For P-Bass

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Set of vintage style Precision Bass split coil pickups brand new in the box. Exact replacement pickups set for most '57-present Fender Precision Basses. Stock vintage output with killer tone! Construction features include Alnico V magnets, black fibreboard coil forms, '50s style orange Formvar coil wire, black plastic pickup covers and cloth covered output leads. Just like the old Fenders the Fralin coils have an RW/RP (reverse wind/reverse magnetic polarity) relationship for a humbucking effect and are wired in series. I measured 10.42K ohms across the output leads on a sample set; that's just a bit hotter than the stock pickups in my great sounding original '59. So, you've got a nice new USA Precision that sounds pretty good, why should you replace the pickups? The bottom line? The new Fender Precision Bass pickups in the USA Vintage Series instruments sound very good but the Fralins are even better, closer to the fat tone of the old ones and they have tighter balanced coils. If you play a variety of musical styles and want to put out a solid clean sound with a big bottom end and clear highs this is the Fralin set for you. Don't buy hotter pickups unless you really need 'em.
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