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3M Dual Lock SJ4570 (price for 1 meter)

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3M Dual Lock SJ4570, 25mm wide transparent - sold by the meter.

Use this if you need a rock solid solution for fixing pedals or other equipment to your pedalboard or rack drawer. Note that the Dual Lock is a solution where it fastens to itself, there is no male or female. That means if you need 2 meters to fasten on your pedalboard and 1 meter for your pedals and 1 meter for power supply and extras, order 4 meter.

We suggest that if you?re mounting a MXR size pedal, you need about 20 cm.
5 cm in front under the pedal, 5 cm in the back and 10 cm on the corresponding surface of the pedalboard. You don?t need to cover your pedalboard with dual lock.


3540 is a little thicker and virtually feels like the pedals are screwed on to the board. Choose 3540 for a permanent installation.
If you want to change pedals back and forth, go with the thinner 4570 where it is easier to loosen the pedals. Also if there is a problem with the height of the pedal or power supply, 4570 has a lower profile. ( 2.31mm engaged compared to 3540 - 6.8mm engaged )

Advise from Bob Bradshaw:

Which brings me to attaching the pedals to the board. I use 3M Dual Lock. You could use Velcro, but that requires 2 sexes. I prefer Dual Lock, but it is expensive. Make sure the surfaces are smooth and dry when you attach it, and remove the rubber skid pads and feet from the pedals prior to applying as well.

3M product code for this is SJ4570.
Single Thickness .0645? (1.63mm)
Engaged Thickness .0910? (2.31mm)
Closure Cycle Life: 100 - 150
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