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Xotic Soul Driven

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The Soul Driven is a “Transparent” overdrive, where the added dirt doesn’t change the character of your unaffected tone but rather adds a musical grit to it. This design derives from that highly sought after Gold pedal (named after a mythical beast), which the Soul Driven catches the essence of very convincingly whilst also enhancing your harmonics for a unique sparkle.

Its Gain ranges from a light crunch to smooth medium-gain sounds, meaning you can get a number of great and usable tones from this pedal. It doesn’t have any of that harsh fizz that you may experience with other overdrives, and has the open and uncompressed quality of an amp’s distortion channel.

Great Tone-shaping Controls
Use the Tone knob to increase the top-end from the overdrive. Turn this up to add clarity and presence, to let your solos cut through and get heard in the mix. With this control turned down, the low-end stays tight and focussed, meaning you don’t get any unwanted muddiness.

The Soul Driven also has a versatile ‘Mid Boost’ knob, letting you push the mid-range frequencies for richer dynamics. Crank this to really let your solos sing and punch through, perfect for Eric Johnson-style lead tones.

You can run the Soul Driven not just at 9V but also at 18V, giving you even more headroom and a sound that responds even better to your playing nuances and dynamics.

Soul Driven Features:

  • Super Transparent Overdrive
  • Rich Dynamic Mid Boost for Creamy Tones
  • Easily Dial In That Tonal “Sweet Spot”
  • Run It At 18v For Even More Headroom!
  • Battery Type 9vdc (006p) x 1
  • True Bypass Switching


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