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Walrus Audio Monumental Black

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Building off the rich, warm, pulsating modulation of the Monument, the Monumental Harmonic Stereo Tremolo is an analog, optical tremolo bringing new controls, features, and width to the Walrus Audio line.

New features available in the Monumental include the ability to save presets, blend between standard and harmonic tremolo modes, access to new wave shape and tap division options, and most importantly, a pan control to set the stereo spread of the tremolo to the right and left channels.

New Features

  • True Stereo Input/Output
  • The ability to save and recall three on-board presets, as well as a “live” mode
  • Full expression control over every parameter
  • An additional wave shape and tap division
  • Pan control to allow the tremolo to sweep from left to right
  • S-B-H to allow the user to blend from standard to harmonic tremolo modes
  • The ability to ramp up OR down (ramp location controlled via rate control) to achieve “Leslie” style ramp from your current rate

    Inspired by the beautifully jagged, red-sand desert landscape of Monument Valley, the Monumental Tremolo is capable of blending between harmonic and standard tremolo to produce rich, luscious, warm pulsating modulation capable of peaks and valleys as smooth or as jagged as the real ones that our dear mother nature created long ago.

With different combinations of stereo panning, rate, division, and wave shapes, everything from traditional tremolo to inspiring unique waveforms will help you carve new paths that you won’t hear anywhere else. Harken back to vintage tones inspired by Fender Brownface amps in Harmonic mode. A low-pass and high- pass version of your guitar signal is modulated opposite of each other, or 180º out of phase (high and low frequencies rise and fall opposite of each other). The result is a warm, almost “chewy” tremolo. Turn the S-B-H counterclockwise to give more bite to your tremolo pulse and tame the out-of-phase harmonics.


PAN: Control the stereo spread of the left and right channels. Counterclockwise is your standard tremolo sound, the left and right channels have the same LFO. Turning the control clockwise will offset the phase of the right LFO to introduce stereo spread. Fully clockwise is maximum panning with the right channel LFO being 180 degrees out of phase from the Left LFO.

S-B-H: Use this control to blend between standard and harmonic tremolo modes. In standard, all frequencies get affected at the same time. In harmonic, the high and low frequencies are offset from each other - When high is on, low is off and when high is off, low is on. Pro Tip: Blending between standard and harmonic with the PAN knob turned up past 0 creates interesting polyrhythmic sounds.

PRESET: The Monumental has three onboard presets with an additional live mode. Each preset can save and recall every parameter available on the pedal. Press both the bypass switch and tap tempo switch simultaneously to cycle through the available presets (Red, Green, Blue, with White being “live”). When you are on a preset and you change a parameter, the bypass LED will change color to purple, indicating a change has been made. You can then turn the control and the bypass LED will return to the preset color when the control is at the saved position. Once you have determined what sound you want saved for the preset, hold down both footswitches to save the preset (the bypass LED will return to the preset color). Live mode will always return to the current knob positions on the face of the pedal.

Full Feature List

  • Stereo version of Walrus Audio’s “Monument” Harmonic Tremolo with new controls and features
  • Analog, optical tremolo delivering lush, warm modulation
  • Stereo input and output
  • Blend between harmonic and standard tremolo in stereo
  • 3 on-board presets with an additional live mode
  • Controls: Volume, Shape, Pan, Rate, Depth, S-B-H (Standard/ Harmonic tremolo blend), tap divisions, bypass, tap/ramp
  • 6 LFO waveshape options: sine, square, saw, ramp, bump, random
  • Pan control allows the tremolo to sweep from left to right
  • S-B-H control to blend from standard to harmonic tremolo modes (“Standard – Blended – Harmonic”)
  • Harmonic Mode offsets high and low frequencies: when high is “on”, low is “off”, and vice versa
  • Experiment with “S-B-H” and “Pan” for polyrhythmic effects
  • 5 LFO subdivision options: quarter note, quarter note triplet, eighth note, eighth note triplet, sixteenth note
  • “Rate” sets the speed of the LFO
  • “Depth” controls the intensity of the tremolo effect
  • Use “Tap” switch to set the rate of the LFO
  • Tap the “Tap” switch once to reset the starting point of the LFO
  • Press and hold the “Tap” switch to engage the ramp feature
  • Ramp up or down (ramp location controlled via rate control) to achieve “Leslie” style ramp from your current rate
  • 3 operation modes: Mono In/Mono Out, Mono In/Stereo Out, Stereo In/Stereo Out
  • Tap/Exp to connect external tap tempo control or expression pedal
  • Full expression control over every parameter with an external expression pedal
  • True Bypass design
  • Power requirement: 9V or 12VDC, 100mA Center Negative
  • Use 12V power supply for increased headroom
  • Available in orange and classic black
  • Made in the USA


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