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Tsakalis Audioworks Ocean V2

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Tsakalis Audioworks Ocean V2 - 3 Flavours of Reverb

The Ocean V2 was designed to produce studio quality classic and ambient reverb, enabling you to set different moods without having to sacrifice too much precious pedal-board space due to its small size. It offers a wide range of textures, from thick, endless hall reverb to symphonic shimmer and vintage spring reverb.

Main Features

  • Reverb Effects Pedal
  • 3 types of studio-quality reverb o Hall – from small room to haunted hall o Shimmer – for infinite reverb pads and overtones o Spring – classic vintage reverb of a spring tank
  • Size, Storm and Diffuse controls to adjust three mode specific reverb parameters
  • Mix control to adjusts the wet level
  • Internal trimmer for adjusting master volume of the pedal • True Bypass Switching
  • Handmade in Athens, Greece
  • Powered by 9-12V DC power adapter (2.1 mm, center -, 56 mA current draw) Ocean V2 features three different reverb type modes, all customizeable via Size, Diffuse and Storm controls.
  • Hall mode (HL) Choose from echo similar to that of a small room all the way to a long “haunted” hall.
  • Shimmer mode (SH) From classic hall reverb to symphonic – almost infinite reverb with pads and overtones.
  • Spring mode (SP) Classic vintage spring reverb similar to that of an actual spring reverb tank. From very short and small room reverb effect, to vintage surf and all the way to glorious splash & ‘boingy’ spring reverb.


The Mix control lets you adjust the level of the reverb volume in respect to the dry signal. Also, an internal trimmer lets you adjust the master volume of the pedal, in case that any volume drop or boost is caused by the reverb effect (default adjustment at unity gain when Mix control is all the way off). Another very important aspect of the Ocean V2 is that it does something that many reverb pedals fail to accomplish. It respects your signal and preserves your sound signature!

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