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Transparent Sound | Light Speaker Black

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Light Speaker

  • Portable glass speaker with natural, living light.
  • 360 degree sound experience
  • Up to 10 hours of battery time


Modular Design

A modular design is key for future proofing our products. It enables repairs and upgradability. Below you can explore the carbon footprint on a component level.

Interactive Carbon Footprint

Extending the lifetime of our products is the single most important factor we can do to fight climate change. With smart tech being built into loudspeakers of today they become quickly outdated.

Use the slider below to see how the carbon footprint change if you choose to upgrade or replace your loudspeaker every 5 years.

Natural, living light

Humans have gathered around fires since the beginning time, it made our brains grow and took us to where we are today. We have analysed the properties of real flames in order to make the Light Speaker act as your own little bonfire.
We invented a glowing, vibrating bass-and-light element that sits in the bottom of the device. The colour variations and the subtle flicker that follows the music has been carefully tuned to give the atmosphere of a living flame. The vibrations and flickering in concert creates a natural, living light experience.

  • Light control knob (and on/off)
  • Speaker control knob (and on/off)
  • Bluetooth pairing button (also controls TWS, L/R/S mode, “next track” and factory reset)
  • USB C cable and adaptor included
  • 5W Output power
  • Battery: 3500mAh Li-ion
  • Battery life: 10 h
  • Battery status button and 4 x LEDs
  • Light temperature: 900 - 3500 K
  • Light control knob on device
  • Custom vibrating LED diffusor lens
  • Frequency response: 60Hz - 18kHz
  • Bluetooth: Version 5.0
  • True Wireless Pairing mode
  • 1 x 2,5” full range driver
  • 1 x 3” passive radiator
  • Line in 3,5mm, double mini-jack AUX cable included
  • Dimensions: Diameter 105mm, Height 160mm, with handle 214mm
  • Weight: 0,6kg
  • Main materials: Aluminium, borosilicate glass
  • Weather resistance rating: IPX2
  • Screw mounted handle accessory
  • Tool for disassembly included


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