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Tone King Ironman II Mini Attenuator

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Tone King Ironman II Mini
30-Watt Attenuator / Reactive Load with Solo Function

The Tone King Ironman II Mini tames the wall-shaking volume, from your mid-powered tube amp, with a few more tricks up its sleeve. This 30-watt, 8 Ohm power attenuator lets you push tubes to their limits at bedroom volume levels. Thanks to its reactive load technology, the Ironman II Mini keeps the tone and feel of your rig completely intact. The Ironman II Mini features a line-level DI output, ideal for quieter stages and home recording. Factor in the attenuator’s pedal format and footswitchable 3dB/6dB solo function, and you have a transparent tube amp volume solution unlike anything out there.

Keep your tone and your hearing
With the modern demand for quiet performance stages, tube amp volume can be a problem; but, with the Ironman II Mini’s 6-step attenuation and 3-position presence switch, when the sound engineer inevitably asks you to turn down, you’ll keep all of that cranked-amp tone.
6-step attenuation offers volume settings for every gig, session, or jam
3-position presence tames the high end
Rated for 30-watt, 8 Ohm amplifiers

Feel like plugging straight in
The Ironman II Mini’s reactive load technology is crucial for maintaining the feel and response of your tube amp. Tone King has tuned this complex technology to react to your amp’s natural changes the same way as a standard speaker, keeping your amp feeling like your amp.
Reactive load technology responds to your power amp just like a speaker
Maintains the feel and response
Completely transparent on all 18 attenuation settings (three levels of 6)

Ready for the stage and the studio
The Ironman II Mini’s floor pedal form factor puts its footswitchable 3dB/6dB solo function safely on your pedalboard, perfect for boosting a solo or balancing different guitars’ outputs; and, it’s just as at home in the studio thanks to a line-level DI output.
Pedal format puts this attenuator on your pedalboard
Footswitchable 3dB/6dB Solo can be used in a variety of ways
Line-level output works great with impulse response technology for recording

Dimensions: 7.5"(L) x 8"(W) x 3"(H)
Weight: 3 lbs.


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