.strandberg* Optimized Tension 8-String Set (x5) - tgt11 - tgt11

.strandberg* Optimized Tension 8-String Set (x5)

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To maximize the sound and feel of your .strandberg* guitar, we have developed custom string sets, tailored to provide the optimal tension – gradually increasing from 14-20 lbs of tension from high to low – with a bit of extra weight on the 7th/8th string respectively to allow for drop tuning. The .084″ in the Boden 8 set has a tapered ball end to accommodate the .strandberg* EGS tuners.

We noticed after having our guitars in trade shows, where they would get extensive play and handling by various people, that with conventional strings, in particular the 8th string of our 8-string demo guitars would go completely dead like a piece of yarn after only a few days of play. We asked around among 8-string guitarists, and they said that this is completely natural and expected.

Refusing to accept this, we set about on an R&D project together with our partner GHS Strings, and after extensive testing we came up with a combination of two wraps of different alloys (stainless steel/nickel) that provides not only longer life, but better tone and tuning stability. Our .084″ string is made from this, while the remaining strings are made nickel plated steel.

GHS Boomers in the following gauges: 9 – 12- 15 – 22 – 30 – 42 – 56 – 84* * The .084″ gauge string is custom developed for us and uses a specialized combination of alloys.

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