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Source Audio ZIO Analog Bass Preamp and DI

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The ZIO Analog Bass Preamp + DI is an ultra-low noise, all-analog preamp and DI for bass guitar.

The pedal offers maximum headroom and a simple but flexible set of tone shaping controls. ZIO Bass can be used as a direct input using the balanced XLR output for connection to a mixer or audio interface as well as with headphones through its dedicated headphone jack.

Featuring a simple control panel, it offers +12db of additional boost plus a significant amount of cut, active Bass EQ and High Pass Filter with adjustable cut-off point for sculpting the lows and adding punch and articulation without harshness.

The GRIT toggle enables a mild distortion to mimic the transformer-style breakup from high-end bass amps. The pedal's SCOOP mode is based on the “Pultec Trick” – a setting commonly used with vintage Pultec Equalizers to add clarity.

Its three outputs can be used individually or simultaneously. The OUTPUT jack connects to an amplifier or pedalboard. The DIRECT OUT is a balanced XLR output that sounds great running into a mixer or audio interface for recording or live sound applications. The HEADPHONE jack features a high dynamic range, low-noise amplifier that is capable of driving low impedance studio headphones.

Main Features:

  • Preamp and DI effects pedal for Bass Guitar
  • All-analog ultra-low noise and distortion preamp
  • +/-12V high voltage rails for active and passive basses
  • Full tone-shaping control set with FOCUS high pass filter
  • GRIT and SCOOP modes for added tonal character options
  • Balanced XLR Direct Output with optional ground lift
  • Headphone output for direct monitoring
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Powered by (included) 9V DC power supply (2,1 mm plug, center -, 200 mA current draw
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