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Shin*s Music Pro-Vibe Green Hammertone

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We are so proud to be a 2020 authorized dealer for Shin's Music / Dumbloid effects!

The vast majority of people who know about the Dumble amplifier will never see one of them in person, much less play through one.
Produced by Alexander Dumble out of his shop in [somewhere, CA], only about 300 Dumbles are currently in circulation, with many of them designed custom for specific clients. Dumbles are not only scarce, but incredibly expensive. The few that have sold on Reverb fetch somewhere between $50,000 and $70,000.
And then there’s the Dumbloid, a Japanese overdrive and distortion pedal that meticulously recreates the Dumble sound. The Dumbloid is also itself scarce and incredibly expensive, often running upwards of $600 on the US used market.

"Shin's Music PRO-VIBE"The work with the Vibe pedal started by building a modulation circuit using transistors and ICs. Unlike the photocell, these parts do not depend on the usage conditions. Furthermore, we succeeded in constructing a modulation circuit with a sound close to that of the original, aiming for a edgy modulation and juicy sound like the original Uni-Vibe . "Shin's Music PRO-VIBE" A model that does not use the Foot Controller of the DX model, but has SPEED control built into the compact body. It is designed for players who prefer space saving with only presets. Both models are Vibe units that you will never forget when you experience the sound!


  • Green Hammertone
  • Controls: Volume, Intensity, Chorus/Vibrato, Speed
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