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Shin*s Music Clean Drive Overdrive Gold Hammertone

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Clean Drive Overdrive

The vast majority of people who know about the Dumble amplifier will never see one of them in person, much less play through one.

Produced by Alexander Dumble out of his shop in [somewhere, CA], only about 300 Dumbles are currently in circulation, with many of them designed custom for specific clients. Dumbles are not only scarce, but incredibly expensive. The few that have sold on Reverb fetch somewhere between $50,000 and $70,000.

And then there’s the Dumbloid, a Japanese overdrive and distortion pedal that meticulously recreates the Dumble sound. The Dumbloid is also itself scarce and incredibly expensive, often running upwards of $600 on the US used market.

The Dumbloid has earned its designer Shin Suzuki a cult following. Suzuki, in fact, has been Japan’s go–to Dumble amp technician since the 1990s. Working hands–on with many variations of the Dumble circuits has taught him a thing or two about the qualities that make these amps so desirable.

These pedals have been on our minds as they're absolutely next level when it comes to sweet, touch-sensitive overdrive and impeccably clean, transparent boost. The Dumble-like tones that come out of these little stompboxes is unreal! The controls are extremely responsive and allow for a massive spectrum of tonal options, all of which are completely usable. Furthermore, these pedals are stackable and the gain structures play off of one another when used in conjunction.

The Clean Drive / Boost is an impressive pedal! This is one of the most versatile and transparent boost pedals that we've ever played - whether you're looking to add some top end sparkle, push the front end of your amp or add just a hair of class A saturation.


  • Gold Hammertone
  • Low Transparent Gain, Class A Style Boost
  • Controls: Drv, Tone, Volume
  • Versatile Boost Circuit
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