Seeker Electric Effects BEND MK1.5 Gray - tgt11 - tgt11

Seeker Electric Effects BEND MK1.5 Gray

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BEND is based on the rare MK1.5 Tonebender, a lean and mean cousin to the Fuzz Face with ripping Bender textures, extra midrange punch and sparkly guitar volume cleanup.

The MK1.5 Bender is as a unique transitional circuit that predates the FuzzFace (though it’s not the first that uses this circuit design), sitting timeline wise between the MKI and MKII, but sharing a schematic design more similar to the FuzzFace than any other Bender. Besides a few key component value changes, the biggest difference in BEND from a FuzzFace comes from using two leaky transistors, giving it a more gnarled texture and a more agressive attack and overall tone.

BEND is built using the MK1.5 Bender schematic with a custom designed PCB and two matched Germanium transistors. External controls for ATTACK (Fuzz amount) and LEVEL (Volume). Internal controls for INPUT gain and BIAS give you a couple extra tricks to dial it in for your setup. INPUT trim will reduce the signal hitting the fuzz, tightening up the low strings and cleaning up the fuzz overall. All the way down is “stock”, all the way up is almost cleaned up to an overdrive. Feel free to experiment with this control to best match you guitar/amp and the sound you’re looking for. BIAS will sweep between blasted blown out nasty fuzz, to a smoother “properly biased” sound, to thick and gated and everywhere in between. Ships with the “optimal” bias pre set but you’re welcome to experiment! BEND is also louder than stock, able to push volume well above unity gain.

NOS capacitors and Germanium transistors are used throughout, specific components are subject to availability, though I am able to make a ripping fuzz with a variety of caps and transistors.

Standard model ships using a matched NOS AC125 Germanium transistor set.

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