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Rockslide Moulded Glass Guitar Slide

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The Rock Slide Difference

Problem 1:
Slides tend to go two ways, they feel like a cast in the way they restrict your finger, or they have too much wiggle room forcing you to cramp your fingers all night to keep the slide from falling off.

Problem 2:
It’s either thin & comfortable, but has no tone – or – it is a bulky slide that sounds good, but is cumbersome.

Problem 3:
No matter what slide you buy, it wobbles. Sure, it’s snug at the 2nd knuckle, but loose across the rest of the finger.

Don’t cut, carve the perfect slide! We made a slide that tapers inside to maintain a snug feel all the way down your finger. The added benefit is thicker walls for extra weight and sustain. A cutaway at the second knuckle helps maintain finger bendability and prevents pinching. Lastly, the flat finger rest is more stable than resting on a round surface.

Moulded Glass Rock Slides

are individually hand moulded in the USA by master lampworkers. These have all the same features as our brass Rock Slides® with the Knuckle Cut, Finger Rest and Tapered Interior. These fit almost exactly like their brass counterpart but are slightly longer. The main difference being that they are much lighter & faster so you can really cook with these on an electric guitar. Because of our unique tapered interior design they do have enough mass to light up your acoustic.



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