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Rocketfire Total 60*s Strat Set Non Reversed Middle Pickup

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This is the classic Strat set! If you're looking for huge vintage bluesy tones that cut through the mix yet smooth as butter with silky sweet highs these are it! They're made to nail the original tones from the vintage Strats we grew up hearing. There's a tone that was sort of etched into our brains and ears as we've listened to music over the years. It's a sound that we attribute to a Stratocaster that tells us, NOW that's a Strat! Just like when we hear a REAL Hammond B3 organ through a tube driven Leslie... We know, "That's the Sound"! I want guitar players and even the un-educated listener to hear them and say, " Now THAT'S THE SOUND!".

These are also the favorite strat pickups set for Danocaster:

"Honestly… I have never tried a better Strat pickup. I have sold a dozen Stratocaster’s to one of the biggest producers in the business. This is the pick ups he requests more than anything else and says they sound more like his vintage collection… Which is VAST" - Dan

Characteristic of these pickups is a raw, gutsy; vintage sound with a hint of almost tube rectifier compression that comes back at you after you hit a chord. The sound is very complex with good dynamics and amazing clarity. They also break up GREAT!

Staggered AlNiCo 5 Magnets
Formvar Wire
Cloth Covered Leads
Forbon Bobbins

As a guitar builder, I've had the unique opportunity to try ALL kinds of pickups. I've used most of what's on the shelf as well as original vintage pickups that fetch $3000+ a set! Some of the old pickups had something hard to describe, but missing from modern pickups. They were lively, raw; gutsy, with soul that just sounded 'vintage'. I set out to break the rules on what 'couldn't be done', I began the quest to create something I was finally happy with. A huge part of the difference had to do with winding techniques and patterns. An equally large factor was the quality of the components (flatwork/bobbin construction, mag wire, and the magnets themselves). I took several samples of early Pre-CBS wire (From real deal vintage Fender pickups) and spent a LOT of time listening to and testing AlNiCo Magnets carefully sorting through suppliers until I found the best and most orignal and ALIVE sounding magnets. Finding these magnets was HUGE and what I consider a breakthrough in tone. The right parts, the right techniques are what make my guitars special... or as I like to call it... the Secret Recipe for my Guitars!

"These went into a fender SRV strat and the instrument sounds amazing now. I thought the original pickups (texas specials) sounded fine but hearing Nicks pickups, it's like a blanket was lifted from the pickups. Nails the '60s jimi tones and sounds fantastic for SRV tones without being muddy or harsh.

All 3 of those pickups are great. Not sure if there's really a better/best hierarchy here despite the TGP Collective flavour of the month. Each of the 3 pickups has their own vibe to them. The Rocketfire's definitely have an SRV kind of thing going on with a huge, tight bottom end to them. The lollars are a little more wispy sounding. They made my SRV sound a little like a maple neck strat. Very pretty sounding. The Novaks were somewhere in between. I also do not have a marshall amp right now which I did when I had the other 2 sets of pickups.

I would say the rocketfire's have a huge sound and closest to what I'd call the "texas flood" tone. Fender should put these in the SRV guitars IMO..."

- jzucker

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