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Rift Amplification Americana 20w 112 Combo Tweed Tones

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The Rift Amplification Americana is a boutique, British-made valve combo amplifier based on the classic '50s Tweed circuit. Driven by a pair of 6L6 power tubes, you can expect broad-sounding clean tones that'll easily fill out any medium-sized space or venue; even with its modest 20W of headroom.

2-Channel design
Although the original Tweed amplifiers are synonymous with clean sounds, the Americana's single 12AX7 preamp tube allows you to easily push its front end for iconic edge-of-breakup tones. The second channel has more gain and power on tap too, making the Rift Americana far more than just a one-dimensional amp!

Valve-Driven Reverb
A custom-designed onboard valve-driven spring reverb circuit takes you back in time to the golden era of the '50s. Perfect for embellishing your tones with vintage-style ambient trails, the Americana's reverb circuit is good enough to be always on!

About Rift Amps
Based in Brackley, England, Rift Amplification is a boutique brand that specialise in vintage-style amplifiers. Hand-wired and built with the utmost attention-to-detail, Rift faithfully recreates some of the world's most desired traditional amps from the '50 and '60s.

Originally modifying Fender amp circuits, the company now produce their tweaked designs under their own moniker. While retaining the classic styling that you know and love, Rift's time-honoured offerings have the trusted reliability you'd expect from modern valve amplifiers, and can serve as perfect workhorses for live performances or session work.

Here's what Rift Amplification says about the Americana:

Continuing their releases of inspired-by-yet original designs, Rift Amplification announces a brand new 20-watt valve amplifier, offering 50’s tweed tones with onboard spring reverb.

Rift Amplification’s owner, Chris Fantana - “A long-standing goal of mine has been to successfully incorporate a great sounding spring reverb into a classic 50s Tweed circuit, without taking anything away from the core tone. Taking the lessons learned from the development of the reverb circuit found in the Aynsley Lister Signature amplifier, I designed a new circuit from the ground up, this time using a 12AX7 dual-triode valve as both driver and recovery. The reverb effect compliments the core tone of the amplifier, without becoming splashy or intrusive. Vast, rich, and spacious reverberations are on offer from a conveniently located dial control, found on the main control panel for easy access and adjustment.”

Key Features

  • A 20-watt two-channel, 6L6-driven amplifier inspired by classic '50s Tweed amps.
  • A custom-designed onboard valve-driven spring-reverb circuit.
  • Available as a 1x12” ‘TV’-style combo, covered in dark-grey Tweed.
  • Loaded with a WGS G12A Alnico speaker.
  • Hand-wired eyelet board construction assembled in Brackley, UK utilising custom-wound transformers and hand-selected, premium components.


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