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Pedal Pawn Gypsy Vibe v2 + Speed Foot Controller

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Introducing the Pedal Pawn® Gypsy Vibe™ V2: Vintage Tone, Revamped Psychedelic Look, and GV2FC Expression Pedal Capability!

Step into a Time Machine for Your Tone with the Pedal Pawn® Gypsy Vibe™ V2.

Inspired by the Magical Vintage Units of the Past, We've Captured the Unmistakable "THROB" that Transforms Your Amp's Speaker into a Pulsing Heartbeat!

Immerse Yourself in a Hypnotic 3D Swirl of Magical Colors and Experience the Unmistakable Essence of the Psychedelic '60s - All Packed into a Compact Box that Perfectly Fits on Your Pedalboard.

Gypsy Vibe V2™ Features:

    • Mesmerizing Depth: Achieve unparalleled depth in your tone with the "Deepest THROB in the Ladyland."
    • Chorus & Vibrato Mode: Effortlessly Switch Between Chorus and Vibrato Modes with Our Vintage-Style Hand-Painted Switch.
    • Foot-Friendly Speed Control: Adjust Effect Speed with Ease Using the Large Speed Knob.
    • Premium Components: Handpicked Hermetically Sealed Photocells for Superior Performance and Tone.
    • Authentic Vintage Recreation: Meticulously Matched Lightbulb Lamp and Handmade Light Shroud Cover.
    • Pulsing Jewel Light: Add a Visual Light Show Experience with the Red Pulsing Jewel Light.
    • Expression Jack Input: Expand Your Creativity with the GV2FC Foot Controller (sold additionally).
  • Warm Vintage Preamp Tone: Unlock Vintage Preamp Tone with the GV2FC Foot Controller's 'cancel' Function (sold additionally).
  • Preserve Your Tone: Reliable True Bypass Switching to Preserve Your Original Sound.
  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Meticulously Handwired in the UK for Quality and Craftsmanship.
  • Power Up: Use an 18VDC Power Supply with a Negative Center Tip (Dunlop ECB009G1 Recommended).

Caution: Only Use the GV2FC Foot Controller with Your Gypsy Vibe™ V2. Using Any Other Foot Controller May Cause Harm to the Unit.

Whether You're Seeking to Add a Touch of Vintage Nostalgia or Dive into Psychedelic Soundscapes, the Pedal Pawn® Gypsy Vibe™ V2 Is Your Gateway to Unforgettable Tones.


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