Paige Clik PC-B4-ETI Mandolin/Banjo Capo - tgt11 - tgt11

Paige Clik PC-B4-ETI Mandolin/Banjo Capo

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The Next Step in Capo Innovation

Tired of retuning every time you tighten your capo? Paige’s Clik ETI (Enhanced Tone Innovation) capos are specially designed to require minimal pressure across the strings by utilizing a slotted tension bar that’s similar to an instrument’s nut. This variation of the ETI is for use with mandolins, but also works great on banjos, too (up to the 4th fret only on 5-string banjos). Plus, a fine-tune tension wheel and quick-release button make the Clik ETI great for players who move their capos around often during a set. One of our favorite features is how the ETI can be positioned above the nut to keep your instrument ever ready for some capo action!

Enhanced Tone Innovation technology

Traditional capos can have a tendency to throw your instrument's tuning out of whack; designs that utilize a solid tension bar apply even pressure across all the strings, and this can be an issue as significantly less pressure is required to depress lower gauge strings than higher gauge strings. Paige’s ETI solves this issue by replacing the classic bar design with a system that looks just like an instrument's nut — only flipped upside down. Each slot is individually molded for each string: this, combined with the tone bar’s radius, allows the Clik ETI to apply only the absolute minimum amount of string pressure required to produce a clean note. The result? You're always in tune!

Paige Clik PC-B4-ETI Mandolin/Banjo Capo Features:

  • Paige’s unique ETI design applies minimal pressure across the strings, reducing the need to retune
  • Works great with mandolins, 4-string banjos, and 5-string banjos up the 4th fret
  • Easy 1-handed adjustment with quick-release button
  • Outsert radius keeps the strings centered when bending
  • Tension wheel for fine tuning
  • Can be kept behind the nut


Tech Specs

  • Made For: Mandolin/Banjo
  • Color: Black Nickel
  • Material: Steel
  • Radius: Flat
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PC-B4-ETI


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