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Origin Effects SlideRig Compact Deluxe MKII Lim Ed Laser Engraved

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The Sliderig is the perfect sustaining compressor made specifically to emulate the sound of two separate 1176 compressors being run into one another to create beautiful singing sustain.

The Mk2 offers the same glorious tonal performance and compact frame, but with an additional attack/release control. This allows you to further harness the complexity of the Sliderig’s dual-compression formula!

Saturation for the nation

When you sit down and play that blues-y slide solo, and want to ring the notes into feedback or when you just to control those slide riffs, you can crank up the compression on the Sliderig and achieve just that.

The good news is that it works on anything and is the easiest way to achieve good, simple, high quality compressed tone, without worrying too much about confusing compression terms like attack and ratio. Just plug it in, set your dry signal to be as loud as you want it, and dial in the compression underneath the dry signal.

No Battery for Good Reason

The Cali76 is a mains powered pedal only. It doesn't have a 9V battery slot, so that they could use the space for higher grade components, and so that they could have a high-current approach. Higher current will yield purer signal, and true tone!

They've also made the pedal flexible in terms of the voltage it uses. So you can run the pedal on 9V or 18V and this will affect the sound of your compression in quite a big way.

The easiest way to remember it is, if you use it on 18V you will have more headroom and a slightly more 'open' sounding compressor.


  • 100% Class-A discrete signal path
  • Classic, ultra-fast “FET” response
  • Studio-grade discrete-transistor preamp
  • Dedicated Attack, Release and Ratio controls
  • Dry Blend control for parallel compression
  • Rugged jewel-lamp gain reduction metering
  • Optimised for guitar but can process any source
  • High-current, low-noise electronics
  • Ultra-wide frequency response
  • Ultra-high input impedance
  • Silent switching
  • High-quality “signal-conditioning” bypass mode
  • Premium components throughout
  • Advanced power supply filtering and protection
  • Flexible external power requirements (9-18V DC)
  • PSU Spec. 77mA @ 9V / 104mA @ 18V
  • Designed and built in England


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