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One Control Minimal Series Silver Para Bass Buffer

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One Control has used the classic BJF Buffer Circuit on several of our devices as a high-quality buffer that can be used for all guitars and basses and it has been used faithfully by many players.

There is no doubt that the BJF Buffer is a great buffer, but it was originally designed with an electric guitar in mind. The Minimal Series Silver Para Bass Buffer is a buffer specifically for electric bass guitar newly developed by BJF. For the bass, it is the "best" buffer that exceeds the "excellent" BJF Buffer so far and has been optimized for the low end.

The Silver Para Bass Buffer has a knob called “Z”. Z simply stands for impedance. This is to adjust the input impedance and can be adjusted to the base-specific impedance such as passive bass and active bass, as well as a control knob to fine-tune the low-end response. With the Z knob, the input impedance can be operated in the range of 50K to 390KΩ.

The effect of the Z-knob depends on the impedance of the instrument you connect to. Sometimes you can adjust the low end quite a bit, but if you have another buffered effect in your chain, it may be more subtle.

The output impedance is set to 2kΩ.

For flexibility the Silver Para Bass Buffer has two outputs. The two outputs are split out, and you can output to two routes that are particularly used with bass guitar, such as to the bass amplifier and DI direct to house sound system.

Silver Para Bass Buffer is a bass buffer designed for the bass to give you more control over both your stage and house sound or to give you more flexibility with recording in the studio, all with the clean powerful sound of the BJF Buffer and the rock-solid construction from One Control.

Z: Adjusts the input impedance.

Input impedance: 50k-390kΩ
Output impedance: 2kΩ
Current consumption: 3.5mA
39W x 92D x 32Hmm (not including protrusions)
42W x 92D x 47Hmm (including protrusions)
Weight: 226g

The Minimal Series Silver Para Bass Buffer is powered by a standard center-minus DC9V adapter. Batteries cannot be used.

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