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One Control Minimal Series MIDI Dual Stereo Loop

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New and intuitive pedalboard solution from One Control! 


One Control brings players easy MIDI Loop functionality with the new Minimal Series MIDI Dual Stereo Loop pedal (MDSL). This is a stereo effects loop that is powerful for small pedalboard or large effects systems. Switch your loop easily with MIDI with either stereo or mono loops, and you can covert mono signals to stereo (dual mono operation) and send them to stereo effects. And instead of relying on a footswitch you can control the MDSL easily with MIDI from a wide variety of devices.

The OC MDSL can use between 1-8 MIDI channels to receive control signals, and the On/Off of the two effects loops via MIDI PC# or CC#. Use either PC or CC mode to control your loops easily. The input, output, and effects loop send and return jacks are all TRS stereo plugs and can be used as a full stereo loop. If the mono output signal becomes stereo via an effect connected to the effects loop, it can be output as a stereo signal to the output. Of course, you can simply use TS mono cables to have a mono loop switcher controlled via MIDI.

With the Minimal Series small size, you can use multiple MDSL units installed in remote locations, such as pedalboards and rack systems, with easy control of your loops. And beyond simple ON/OFF operation with MIDI switching, you can use the MDSL as an additional effects loop with larger switching systems like the One Control Caiman Tail Loop or the OC10+ Croc Eye. The OC MDSL is a simple and small switcher that can be used in a variety of ways to make your tone dreams come true.

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