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One Control Minimal Series BJF Buffer

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One Control Minimal Series BJF Buffer is a simple yet thoughtful buffer.
BJF Buffer is mounted on one of many controllers of One Control and has a natural character.

· Gain is exactly 1:1.
· Does not change the sound with the input impedance.
· Does not make the output too strong.

What is BJF Buffer amplifying?

Carrying the guitar signal far without changing the shape of the guitar signal, without changing the volume, distortion, and gain. That is, it is the buffer's job to add "toughness" to the guitar signal.

In addition, Minimal Series BJF Buffer has a phase inversion switch.
The sound of instruments is the wave traveling through the air. The frequency is the pitch and the vibration width is the size of the sound. The sound of an instrument creates a specific sound by mixing multiple waves.
Phase is simply the position where the wave starts. Even with the same waveform, by changing the starting position, the movement of air at that moment will change greatly.
If there is only one sound, the phase will not significantly affect the timbre. However, when multiple sounds, that is, multiple instruments such as guitar and bass are combined, the difference in phase affects the sound.
If you hear a sound whose phase is reversed with exactly the same waveform from the sound source at the same distance, the waveforms are canceled out and the sound is not heard at all. Conversely, if you listen to the same waveform and sound of the same phase from the sound source at the same distance, the waveforms overlap each other, and the sound becomes loud.
Due to the cancellation and overlap of this wave, the difference between "the sound falling out" and "the sound not to be missed" greatly changes in the whole band ensemble.
The phase reversing switch is used to restore the phase which may be reversed due to the characteristics of the equipment and to match with the phase of other part. The logic may be confusing, but you do not have to think about difficult things. Sounds in an ensemble with rehearsals etc., and sets it to those who can hear better. However, just by that, the "sound omission" "sound force" changes for the whole band.


Size: 94D × 42W × 34H mm
Weight: 238 g
Consumption current: 3 mA
Power supply: Center minus DC 9V adapter
Batteries can not be used.

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