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Old Blood Noise Schooch Tap Tempo

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors SCOOCH Tap Tempo Tap Tempo Switch

SCOOCH is an external tap tempo footswitch designed for use with our Expression Ramper X3, Whitecap, and Blackcap. Simply plug scooch into the Tap In/Ext Tap jack with a TS cable and start tapping in your desired tempo!

The pedal you plug SCOOCH into will handle the rest. SCOOCH Tap Tempo can be used with a wide variety of other devices as well, for Tap Tempo, Remote Switching, or other purposes: anything expecting a momentary, normally open footswitch signal through a TS cable (connecting Tip to Sleeve when pressed) will be compatible.

Main Features:
• Tap Tempo Footswitch
• 6.3 mm TS output (configured as normally open) - for connecting any compatible tap-tempo or external switching enabled pedal
• Designed to work with Old Blood Noise Endeavors effects pedals
• Also compatible with any device capable of accepting momentary, normally open TS footswitch signlals connecting Tip to Sleeve when pressed
• Compact form factor
• No power required

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