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Old Blood Noise Expression Slider HK

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Slider HK Portable Expression Fader

The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Slider HK is a portable fader for use with any pedal or device that has a regular expression input.

Featuring artwork created by the OKC art duo Holey Kids, one half of which also works at the brand’s Oklahoma headquarters, this new version is perfectly dressed up to fit in with the latest pedals in the OBNE's Utility series.

Main Features:
• Expression Control slider
• 6.3 mm TRS output (tip connected to the wiper) – for connecting any compatible EXP or external control enabled pedal
• 50K extra smooth slide potentiometer
• Designed to work with Old Blood Noise Endeavors effects pedals
• Also compatible with any device capable of accepting a 50K Expression Control debice with Tip connected to the wiper
• Compact form factor
• Graphic design by Holey Kids
• No power required

Expression Slider HK is a fader for use with any pedal that has an Old Blood style expression input. It is built for convenience and tactile experience, allowing external control where you need it - on the desk of your studio, velcroed to a guitar strap, or wherever else a TRS cable allows.

This device uses a TRS jack with tip connected to the wiper of a 50K slider, and ring and sleeve connected to the other terminals. We’ve confirmed that it works with all Old Blood pedals as well as pedals from Chase Bliss, Meris, Earthquaker Devices, Empress, Montreal Assembly, Red Panda, Strymon, EHX, and more.

No power is needed, simply use a TRS cable to plug the Expression Slider HK into the Expression input and use the slider as you would a knob or expression pedal. This really can give additional creative control to all sorts of pedals and other devices that have expression control, plus may also add functionality to some products that may have other options not directly accessible from the front panel or are hidden in menus etc.

Suggested uses: strap it to your mic stand to adjust your favourite setting without bending down, keep it at your studio console to control a parameter while tracking, use the indicators to mark your favourite settings or simply replace a knob control with a slider because let's face it, sliders are cool!

Unsuggested uses: Unintended excess weight from use with foot while standing may cause damage to the device. In other words, read this as: Don’t use your foot.

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