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Old Blood Noise Expression Ramper X3

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper X3 Syncable Triple Expression Control with Presets

Expanding on the concept of our Expression Ramper, we present the Expression Ramper X3, an expression movement shaper capable of manipulating three expression jacks simultaneously with copious control. This utility device brings new sounds out of your old favorites, reinvigorating the sonic possibilities of your collection.

Main Features:
• Expression Control Pedal, with storable expression preset settings
• 3 expression separately adjustable and syncable outputs to create footswitch activated motion on up to three external devices
• Ramp between the two presets (A and B)
• 3 new random shapes (Smooth, Sharp and 1 Shot) in addition to the classic shapes (Triangle, Square, and 1 Shot) for movement between settings
• Ability to sync across all three Rampers, with subdivided rate or direct output matching
• Tempo syncing via tap switch on the device, external tap switch, and tap out in order to sync multiple Expression Ramper X3s
• Expression input for Ramper 1, allowing X3 to become a 1-in-3-out Expression splitter
• Rate control, sets the speed of movement
• Configurable EXP output (TRS, TRS reverse polarity or TS)
• LED indicates which setting is currently active
• Smart footswitching for momentary or latching operation
• Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1 mm, ~50 mA current draw)

A Ramper is a device that creates motion on your expression-enabled devices. You choose point A, point B, and the way it moves between. It’s utilitarian, but opens up a number of sounds from your existing pedals. The Expression Ramper X3’s allows you to set the shape of the LFO (the thing that determines the expression motion). There are three standard shapes (Triangle, Square and One Shot), and three random variations of those shapes. To access the alternative shapes, simply hold down the tap button while switching the Shape toggle.

• Triangle, for a linear motion between A and B, starting and ending at A and hitting B at halfway on the LFO cycle.
• Alternate shape: Smooth random, which repeatedly moves to a random spot between A and B in a linear fashion.
• Square, to snap between A and B, spending half of the LFO cycle in each position.
• Alternate shape: Sharp random, which immediately moves to a new random spot between A and B at the start of each cycle. • 1 SHOT, to move linearly either from A to B or B to A (depending on the starting point) and then stop.
• Alternate shape: one shot random, where each press of the footswitch snaps to a new random spot between A and B.

The device’s Footswitches set things in motion. A stomp of the footswitches will initiate motion according to the shape and LFO speed you’ve set, and another stomp will stop that motion. By holding a footswitch, you can momentarily stop or start the movement, and then revert to where you were before when that footswitch is let go. Most of the time, when not in motion, a Ramper will be in the A position, unless using one of the 1 Shot modes or currently setting the B position.

To know where your Ramper is, use your ears as an auditory guide and the two LEDs as a visual guide. Expression Ramper X3 is more than three Rampers in one box, there are a plethora of additional controls to tempo sync multiple Rampers. The SYNC toggles on Rampers II and III determine whether they are synced to Ramper I. ALL syncs everything about the Ramper: the output of the completely synced Ramper will match Ramper I’s output exactly. RATE syncs only the rate of the Ramper: A, B, Shape, and motion settings stay independent, but the rate is tempo synced. In this setting, changing the Rate knob assigns subdivisions: 1⁄4, 1⁄2, 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x speeds are all available. OFF deactivates any syncing, so the Ramper can act fully independently. Ramper I (the green one) has a TAP button. This can be used to tap in the desired LFO speed. It begins syncing at two taps, but multiple taps in a row at similar BPMs will average out to increase accuracy. Note: the slowest possible tap tempo is 30 BPM, so taps outside of this range will be disregarded.

Ramper I also has external control via the jack. It can be used in three different ways, configurable via the internal dipswitch (located on the bottom right of the board, labeled “TAP/EXP SETTING”). It can be configured for TRS Expression input, External Tap Tempo with a footswitch, like our ‘Scooch’ Tap Tempo device using a TS cable and tap away. Or for External Tap Tempo using a pulse, turn 1 off, 2 off, 3 off. This is optimized to sync tempo across two ERX3s by plugging into the second ERX3's Tap Out jack, but will also work with other external pulse sources. There is also a TAP OUT jack on the side of Triple Ramper. This continually outputs 3.3V pulses based on Ramper 1’s tempo. In this way, you can sync external units (like another Expression Ramper X3) to Ramper 1. Happy Ramping!

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