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Old Blood Noise Dark Light

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Light

Limited Edition Dual Reverb

The Dark Light is a dual reverb pedal that combines the awe-inspiring sonic qualities of both the Dark Star and Sunlight reverb pedals, seamlessly integrating, tweaking and expanding them to create one massive multi-reverb device.

With all the routing options you could want, including separate stereo, parallel mono, and series mono, Dark Light takes Dark Star’s dark pitch shifted, delayed, and bit crushed reverb voices and Sunlight’s bright modulated, comb filtered, and band-passed reverb voices and combines them into one massive sound to take your time with and drift away in.

Each pedal maintains its core sound and control set, then expands from there.

Dark Light is available as a limited edition of 2.000 pcs. worldwide.

Main Features:

• Dual Reverb effects pedal
• Combines the Dark Star and Sunlight pedals into one pedal housing
• Limited Edition of only 2000 pcs. worldwide
• Completely independent core sound and control set for both sides
• 3 Dark Star side modes
- Pitch - adds two pitch-shifted voices to the reverb
- Delay - adds a post-reverb delay capable of self-oscillating
- Crush - degrades the quality of the reverb with adjustable pitch shift and amount of degradation
• 3 Sunlight side modes - Tape - adds modulation inspired by unexpected tape machine wobbling
- Comb - adds four short delay lines after the reverb creating a comb filter of a fixed phaser
- Pass - adds a Band-Pass Filter between the two reverb blocks with random sample and hold LFO setting the filters cutoff frequency
• Multiple routing options available using the sides’ independent IN and OUT jacks - True Stereo - Series Mono - Parallel Mono - Mono to Stereo
• SPREAD control for defining separation of the two sides – for isolating the two reverb sides in stereo routing, creating a Phantom center sound or providing more defined tones in mono routing scenarios
• Expression control over any combination of 2 of each pedals parameters
• HOLD Footswitch for instantly setting the reverb decay of both sides to infinite independently or together
• Soft-touch switching with switchable relay-based True Bypass/Buffered Trails Bypass
• Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU (Center -, 2,1 mm, ~150 mA current draw)

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