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Making Sound - Creative Music Production Tips and Philosophies

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How do you take the sounds you imagine in your head and make them come out of the speakers? Making Sound takes some different but very effective perspectives on learning to use the tools at hand to create the sounds you want.

Following these techniques and philosophies will help bridge the gap between the tools you use and the ideas in your head. Apart from the more in-depth topics in the 19 chapters there are 95 short inspiring tips and tricks that you can reference and use while creating music.

Making Sound is philosophical at times, highly practical and packed with actionable tips, tricks and creative techniques. The content is designed to give you new ideas and perspecitves to help you fuel your creativity and ultimately make the techniques your own. The second edition also includes interviews with some top music industry professionals that reveil their processes for the first time. The topics in the book include:
Use common tools to create different moods and textures
Make virtual instruments sound realistic
Advanced sound design
Ways to become more productive
The secret of contrast in mixing and composition
Techniques to get the low end of the mix perfect
The art of arrangement
Create compelling and exciting grooves
Create different kinds of space in a mix
How to "glue" a mix
Techniques for dealing with stress
Essential music theory for composers and producers
Ways to overcome digital "sterility" or harshness
Dealing with clients

What do people in the industry say about the book?
"This book will open your eyes!" - Joey Sturgis, legendary music producer

"You've got to check this book out!" - iZotope

"This opened my eyes more than once! Absolute must-read." - Chris Leon, Your Music Radio

"He has a way of presenting things that makes you want to immediately open your DAW and start experimenting." - Dan Comerchero, founder of The Pro Audio Files

"A really great practical book that asks the question ’Why?’" - Brian Funk, Music Production Podcast

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