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Lundgren BJF tele set

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Tele BJFE Bridge

A pickup for the 21 st Century.
We have together with Swedish pedal guru Björn Juhl- BJF made a matched set for Telecaster from scratch. This set has a tad more fullness than a vintage set. If you compare it with football the ball is not shot over, It is going straight in!
To begin with our beloved bridge pickup we have together with BJFE started to make the magnets. We made them slightly bigger I diameter and slighly lower. This increase the mass of iron and gives approx. 20 % more inductance and contributes to the fullness of tone. Powered by alnico 5 magnets. Wound with plain enamelwire. Raised D magnet. This pickup can be the a new standard.

Bjorn Juhl:

with the BJFE /Lundgren strat set the bridge pick up had nicer treble at near same output as the bridge pick up on my Tele so on with quest for perfect Tele sound:
Since the dawn of pick ups treble versus the balance of power and fidelity (treble really) has been at aiming point and this resembles a parabel where at the peak trade offs begin. It is here a number of small things combine such as distance from strings and magnetic power and inductance: the construction allows pick up to be placed close to strings for maximum power and while pick up looks vintage it has features that are not strict orthodox.
The end result is the one Tele bridge pick up I have always envisioned

Tele BJFE Neck

The neck pickup is wound with the high quality heavy formvarwire.Made in Collaboration with Björn Juhl- BJF. Since this insulation is thicker than common wires usually used in tele neck pickups the coil will be bigger and fuller. It is matching The BJFE Bridge perfectly. The achieved sound has been very welcomed by the guitarists that has been playing the set during the year of testing and developing. It can also be used with our other Bridge pickups. Nickelsilver cover included. Sold as a set or individually.
With neck pick up it was likely initially made in the 50's to allow playing bass lines. The want though for a neck pick up on a tele would be to allow playing the type of things on the neck pick up as you would on other neck pick pick ups e.g stratocaster neck pick ups but then with a sound of a Tele as envisioned and that would make the Telecaster a guitar to play any type of music on from the balance of power and treble

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