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Lundgren BJF P-90

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Lundgren® developed a new pickupset for P-90 in collaboration with Bjorn Juhl - the man behind BJF and Mad Professor pedals.

The P-90 is a very effective pickup with much power and aplomb.
In order to decrease the high losses due to magnetic eddy currents , we have parted the bottom plate from the magnets using wooden spacers.

The magnets are also specially matched to the Bridge and Neck pickup. In the Bridge pickup it is just like our vintage set two pieces of Alnico 5 magnets which provide a powerful output with good presence in both the bass and trebles. In the neck position, we have chosen a special magnet of a much rarer alnico alloy.

This is optimized for the neck position and we believe this could the new standard for a matched P-90 set worldwide.

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