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Lehle Dual SGoS

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Dual Amplifier Switcher with Three Sets of Outputs (A, B, and Tuner)

Switch Between Two Amps!

Who doesn't want to go stereo? There's nothing like hearing your rig in full-blown, room-engulfing sonic glory. And with the Lehle Dual SGoS, it's easier than ever to take on two-fold stereo tone — while hanging onto either/or flexibility. Check out this high-quality dual amp switcher. Outputs A and B can feed your two favorite amps at the same time, and they're electrically isolated, so you won't deal with humming loops (thank you, transformer!). Lehle didn't leave you hanging, either. You can play through both outputs at once, using the onboard pots to perfect the balance. Want to get crazy with a third amp? There's even a third output onboard for your crazy tone hounds, although you'll also find it works nicely to feed your tuner.

All in all, here's your high-quality solution for taking your tone to a new stereo dimension. Factor in the Lehle Dual SGoS's MIDI controllability and its compatibility with other Lehle SGoS switchers, and you've got a win-win here.

Lehle Dual SGoS Dual Amplifier Switcher Features at a Glance:

  • Dual amplifier switcher with three sets of outputs
  • Outputs A and B can feed two amplifiers simultaneously
  • Outputs are electrically isolated by the Lehle LTHZ high-end transformer
  • Onboard potentiometers let you adjust the output signal for A and B separately
  • Output T can be used for a tuner or a third amplifier
  • Can be controlled and synchronized with other Lehle SGoS switchers via MIDI


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