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Laundromat Thunderbird Zonk Machine

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Zonk Machine reborn!

TGT11 is beyond proud and excited to introduce this marvelous Zonk Machine onto the world. From newly esatblished boutique builder Laundromat in Finland comes this Zonk Machine with rich and thunderous fuzztones that nails those early 60s fuzzsounds we all know and love.

The Zonk Machine is an early variation of the much famed MkI Tonebender that started the wave of british made fuzz boxes in the sixties. This is an remake of the classic MkI John Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine that features handwired construction and three germanium transistors. The sound differs from the classic Solasound MkI Tonebender - the Zonk is brighter, has less gain and has a more spitty attack along with a subtle octavia style effect due to the biasing of the unit. The result is a very unique fuzz tone that sticks out from the classic while still being a classic in its own right. A must have for any fuzz fan!

These units comes higly limited and are made in very limited numbers, we urge you not to miss out on these fuzzy time machines.

Keep your eyes open and more videos, pictures and info will be added!

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