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Keeley Super Rodent

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Keeley Electronics Super Rodent

4-in-1 RAT and SD-1 Style Overdrive and Distortion

Keeley put two very different overdrive & distortion pedals in one box and gave you two new sounds in the process. The Keeley Electronics Super Rodent is a 4-in-1 pedal that gives you two well-known distortion circuits and two brand new sounds by way of the toggle switches! It’s almost like pedal-modeling, except these are 100% analog circuits and you decide which tone-control or clipping-section you want to play through.

You can play through the classic yellow ‘Japanese Super O-Drive’ or a ‘Rodentia Michigander’ distortion circuit, or even better, you can Frankenstein new monster tones with the two hybrid modes.

The creative design keeps the pedal a simple and space-saving three-knob distortion pedal with an amazing tone. It only takes two seconds to make the Super Rodent either buffered-bypass or true-bypass, whatever works best on your pedalboard. The Keeley Super Rodent Overdrive and Distortion is entirely designed and manufactured by Keeley Electronics in a new aluminum enclosure.

Main Features:
• Compact Overdrive and Distortion Effects Pedal
• 2 classic Distortion/Overdrive circuits combined with swapable Tone Circuits in 1 pedal
• Offers 4 Overdrive and Distortion flavors - 2 familiar circuits and 2 brand-new amp-like Drive and Distortion tonesCreate unique Hybrid Distortions by mixing the SD Overdrive’s and RT Distortion’s Clipping Sections and Tone Controls
• 100% analog circuit with all-analog signal path
• Professionally Engineered Tone - sounds developed in the field and in our tone lab
• Switchable Tone control o SD: Active Low-Pass Filter with more bass and treble frequencies available o RT: Passive Tone control that rolls off high-frequencies
• Switchable diode clipping o SD: Soft diode clipping - for softly overdriven tube-amp-like tones o RT: Hard diode clipping - for an edgier more aggressive tone
• Silent soft-touch switch with switchable Buffered or True Bypass Switching
• Made in Edmond, OK, USA
• Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1 mm, 26 mA current draw)


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