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Keeley DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo and Reverb

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  • Four wave shapes and a bonus reverb control on harmonic mode
  • Two dynamic tremolo functions, Rate and Depth
  • Harmonic tremolo mode emulates the earliest tube amps
  • True bypass
  • Standard 9v center-negative operation
  • Hand-made in the USA


It might come as a shock that boutique stalwart Keeley Engineering has never released a tremolo pedal. That dry spell is over. The Keeley Dynatrem is a long time coming, and it is certainly worth the wait.

Knowing the name "Dynatrem" is a portmanteau of "dynamic" and "tremolo" clues players in to the fact that this is no ordinary tremolo. Sure, it can do all the beautifully modulated goodness one might expect from a tremolo unit designed to resemble an amp; the Dynatrem can even do phased-out whooshy harmonic tremolo (more on that later). However, where the Dynatrem earns is keep is the delta functions.

The two "delta modes," ΔR and ΔD signify the Dynatrem's ability to read your picking strength or signal level and act accordingly. ΔR mode makes the Rate control react to input level—the harder you pick, the faster it goes. In this mode, because the rate varies, the Rate knob adjusts the sensitivity of the reaction.

The same is true of the ΔD control, but for Depth. The harder you pick, the deeper the Dynatrem throbs. Similarly, the Depth knob controls sensitivity in this mode.

The harmonic mode, signified by ΣNT, changes the pedal into the earliest style of tremolo—harmonic tremolo, the kind found on old and extremely rare tube amps. With harmonic tremolo, the modulation is almost phaser-like—a welcome addition to any tremolo arsenal.

The harmonic mode has a bonus: In this mode, the Shape/Reverb knob imparts a lush spring reverb to the signal! That's right, the addition of reverb to the harmonic mode really cements the amp emulation here.

There are four wave shapes available, from the common Sine and Square settings to Ramp Up and Ramp Down. Ramp Up and Down are traditional sawtooth-type shapes.

Lastly, the Level control compensates for any perceived volume loss, by allowing players to exceed unity gain, effectively changing the Dynatrem to a slight boost—useful when playing tremolo-laden solos!



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