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JAM Pedals Octaurus ltd Octavia

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JAM pedals announces the launch of the Octaurus ltd Octafuzz.

This newest addition to the JAM pedals Custom Shop's limited edition lineup follows comes just a few months after the last Fuzz Phrase ltd and Rooster ltd pedals sold out

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of guitar music, the Octaurus Ltd is not an emulation but a distinctive evolution, positioning itself as a standout example within the octafuzz genre. JAM pedals meticulously identified and integrated the favored behavioral attributes from various legendary octafuzzes of the past, culminating in a singular, standalone device.

The Octaurus ltd represents a highly anticipated release, prompted by years of inquiries from fans eager for a JAM pedals octafuzz variant. It stands as a tour de force, delivering the vintage inspired sound and feel that has become synonymous with the JAM pedals brand. Constructed with precision and care, the intricate turret-based point-to-point architecture is built around a batch of early 60s NOS silicon transistors, contributing to the Octaurus ltd's unique tonal character. In keeping with the distinctive style of previous Custom Shop limited edition pedals, the Octaurus Ltd boasts an embossed olive drab suede exterior.

The pedal also features a see-through bottom plate, wrapped in suede, complete with a zip for secure and easy visual access to the beautifully laid-out internal circuitry. Key


• NOS early 60s silicon transistors.
• Turret point-to-point construction for uncompromised signal integrity.
• Authentic tropical fish capacitor.
• Level, Tone, Gain knobs.
• Symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping options.
• Full range or mid-scooped voicing options.
• Optional 9V battery operation.

JAM pedals is dedicated to crafting high-quality designs that pay homage to musical legacies while claiming their place in the future. With a commitment to well-tuned circuits featuring intuitive controls, JAM pedals ensures their effects sound exceptional across various applications and musical styles. Embracing technological advancements, the brand takes pride in creating pedals considered the best in their genres, destined to become enduring elements of users' sonic journeys. JAM pedals remains steadfast in its mission, prioritizing timeless sound and feel over transient industry trends.

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