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Ibanez OD850

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Ibanez have re-launched one of the coolest pedals they have ever done. The OD850 is an Overdrive pedal by name but can easily get you into heavy distortion or even fuzz territory!

Initially, it was released in the mid-70s when fuzz and distortion tones were really becoming popular in guitar music. And that has never really died out, so in order to bring back some of those 70s tones with a modern edge, Ibanez have re-released this pedal.

This is a bit of a swiss army knife because it can go from clean boost (keep the drive down) to some great fuzz tones. With true bypass and a full analog circuit, it will fit on any pedalboard. And unlike its predecessor, its easy to power with a simple 9v power supply.

Here's what Ibanez Say

Ibanez has a long history of making excellent guitar effects, and its pedals still attract a loyal following of guitarists worldwide . Now, Ibanez is pleased to bring back the classic OD850 overdrive pedal as a limited model, which was first introduced in the mid-1970s.

  • Sustain, Balance and Tone controls
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Made in Japan


In spite of the name "Overdrive," the OD850 has extensive gain. It ranges from a pure, clean tone to dirty distortion with plenty of punch and rich sustain through a simple turn of the SUSTAIN knob. The TONE control can add even more edge to the sound.

On/Off LED and DC power jack
An On/Off LED light and DC power jack added for usability.

True Bypass Switching
A true bypass switch provides the shortest, most direct signal path as well as the cleanest tone.

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